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Is Australian Made OK?….It’s OK….BUT:

    • Australian made may mean that only 51% of the cost of producing the product has to be spent in Australia.
    • The company may be foreign owned so the profits may leave Australia.
    • Foreign owned companies may not pay as much tax as Australian owned  companies.
    • The Foreign owned companies head office may not be in Australia.

 Is Australian Owned OK? …It’s OK….BUT:

    1. Sometimes the company is Australian owned, but the product is imported.
      Products may be totally manufactured overseas.
    2. Wages may go overseas.
    3. Raw materials may be sourced from overseas rather than Australian sources (farmers, natural resources)

 Why support Australian Companies who manufacture in Australia?

  • To create jobs and keep Australians employed
  • To maintain skills and manufacturing plants in Australia
  • To support Australian Primary producers including Farmers
  • To help Australian manufacturers complete on un unfair global stage
  • To support fellow Australians in all fields from primary producers to manufacturers to transport and retailers
  • To help the economy and the future of our country
  • To reduce imports
  • Other than that, support Australian businesses that offers services like dental implants instead of going overseas.